Standard First Aid & CPR

Providing Standard First-Aid and CPR Level C courses in Courtney, Comox, Cumberland and Campbell River BC.


This practical first-aid and CPR training course includes adult CPR, child CPR, infant CPR, two person CPR (Level C). People enrolled in the First-Aid and CPR Level C course in the Courtney and Comox area will learn how to clear an airway on a choking person. Recognition and first aid for shock, spinal injuries, heart attack, angina, stroke, bleeding, broken bones, seizures, heat related illness, hypothermia, allergic reactions, poisons and burns.

People enrolled in this First-Aid and CPR Level C course will learn and be certified on how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Other learning subjects we will touch on include how to use a first-aid kit and what goes into a first-aid kit, applying support with small wounds, recognition and prevention of infection, how to use a CPR mask and how to protect yourself at the scene of an accident, how to apply yourself in a support role at an accident if you do not have gloves and a CPR mask, how to assess the previous history of an accident, when to and how to call 911 or just go to the hospital.

This first-aid course is recognized by the Adult and Child Licensing Care Board. Canadian Red Cross first-aid and CPR certification is valid for 3 years. If you have taken this course in the last 3 years then you are eligible for a recertification. A rectification can be done in half the time and is one day. You will find Standard First-aid recert course dates on our schedule.

Standard First-Aid and CPR Level C Registration Information


Student Testimonials

Stunning, you made it fun and enjoyable for all! I adapted more than I anticipated that would! Much appreciated! – Peter Willis, Comox, BC The best CPR class I have ever gone to. Much thanks to you – loads of fun!!! – Kel Gumley, Victoria, BC