Emergency Child Care First Aid & CPR

Providing Emergency Child Care First Aid & CPR courses in Courtney, Comox, Cumberland and Campbell River BC.


At Westcoast First-Aid we believe it is our business to show you the practical data below but to also guarantee you feel confident and engaged when managing wounds and dealing with injuries. We do this with our hands on learning approach, running emergency treatment situations that are applicable to your situation. Urging you to utilize genuine medical aid supplies and to make inquiries and practice in a safe and fun environment.

This hands-on interactive Emergency Child Care First Aid & CPR training course includes adult CPR, child CPR, infant CPR, two person CPR (Level C). Students will learn how to clear an airway on a conscious choking person. Recognition and first aid for shock, spinal injuries, heart attack, angina, stroke, bleeding, broken bones, seizures, heat related illness, hypothermia, allergic reactions, poisons and burns. You will learn and be certified on the most proficient method to implement an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Different subjects incorporate how to utilize an first-aid kit and what goes into a first-aid kit, small wounds, recognition and prevention of infection, how to use a CPR mask and how to ensure you know the correct procedures at the scene of a accident, what to do at an accident if you do not have gloves and a CPR mask, how to assess the history of an accident, when to and how to call 911 or just go to the hospital.

The Emergency Child Care First Aid & CPR course additionally trains you to manages injury prevention, safety education, burns, and injuries from falls and other childhood related emergencies will be covered. This Emergency Childcare course is approved by the BC Provincial Community Care Facilities Branch. Canadian Red Cross certification is valid for 3 years.

On the off chance that you have taken this course in the previous 3 years you are qualified for recertification.

If this is your first time taking this Emergency Child Care First Aid & CPR course there is a considerable amount of first-aid information available. We prescribe understudies get their get their first-aid manual before the course and do a short pre course assessment. This is not mandatory. The first-aid manual and pre course assignment will be sent out by mail at no extra cost.

Standard Emergency Child Care First Aid & CPR Registration Information

Student Testimonials

Awesome pace, intensive, kept the course energy up and positive. Truly well done! Much appreciated. – Jason Charmley, Courtney, BC Jason is a marvelous educator. I was shocked the amount I learned – extremely charming! – Michael Gordon, Victoria, BC